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Sleep Talking

- 夢話 -



告別式後,親戚們說著外公外婆如何出現在他們的夢裡,像從前生活裡一樣自然,而我卻一次也不曾夢到,就像是他們的離去對我來說就是夢的本身,而這本《Sleep Talking》是夢所留下的紀念品。


(本書含有書盒、帶有文字頁面的書匣和六張圖像,書匣兩面貼的圖樣取自於外婆的洋裝,共有四種款式,隨機製作 : )

・ 年份:2017

・ 尺寸:70 x 130 mm

・ 數量:200本 / 手工裝幀

The odor in the room of grandparents is still strong even after they passed away. It is combined with the hair oil, cloth, medicine and this old house. The recent days is just like the remained odor. Sometimes I feel that they are still with me, and sometimes the scene of saying goodbye comes to me again and again.

After the funeral, some relatives talked about their dreams. In these dreams, my grandparents were still very much alive. But till now, I never dreamed even once. It makes me feel that their passing away is the dream itself, and this book is the gift from them.


(The patterns on the book box come from my grandmother’s dress.)

・ year:2017

・ size:70 x 130 mm

・ limited edition : 200 / handmade binding

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