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The Long Take Plays Randomly

- 隨機播放的長鏡頭 -






・ 年份:2018

・ 尺寸:72 x 210 mm

・ 數量:80本 / 手工裝幀、絹印

This book is about a kind of moment when you are in a space, and there are only light, shadow and time with you.


Sometimes being alone is like being situated in a long and slow film without any plot. So I imagine that I took a 24 hours long video of someone (maybe me), and then randomly put these fragments into this book. You can read the content by different ways of flipping through the pages.  This kind of reading experience is somehow like our pursuing of light and facing of the shadow in daily life, in the world.


p.s: Maybe you can try reading this book in different angles, or under different kinds of light.  It may give you some surprise.

・ year:2018

・ size:72 x 210 mm

・ limited edition : 80

     / handmade binding, silkscreen printing

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