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劉思妤 Szuyu Liu,台灣台北人,2023年末開始進行 ​PLACE O 空間計畫。

Hi, I'm Szuyu Liu, from Taipei Taiwan, a graphic designer and bookmaking artist. I have been fond of drifting feeling brought by some abstract concepts, and also focused on thinking about the connection between people and objects. I take book as a main material and method, but in different narrative ways to discuss the same keywords, home, memory and time. By repeating telling these stories, I want to see more sides of the world, bright and dark ones.





2023.11.23-26/TOKYO ART BOOK FAIR
2020 - 2023 / 板橋435藝文特區  進駐藝術家 Art residency in 435 Art Zone 

2021.12.02-24 / 《書之參贊與超越:藝術家的書》展覽 

                             陽明交通大學藝文中心 陽明校區藝空間

2020.11.13-15 / Taipei Art Book Fair & More 草率季藝術書刊市集

2019.10.18-20 / Taipei Art Book Fair & More 草率季藝術書刊市集
2019.05.25-26 / KITAKAGAYA Flea & Asia Book Market 大阪藝術書市
2019.02.16-17 / "Make A Zine!", Taipei International Book Exhibition 台北國際書展
2018.10.12-14 / Taipei Art Book Fair & More 草率季藝術書刊市集
2018.10.06-28 / "The Scattered" TTYL Group Exhibition / Artqpie Library, Taichung
                           《散落物 下次再說三人聯展》台中佔空間


POLYSH (2017) :

FOUNTAIN magazine (2017):

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