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・ 年份:2016

・ 尺寸:65 x 110 mm

・ 數量:100本 / 手工裝幀、孔版印刷

In《XT》, I use illustration, words and old photos to record the building T on the X road where I was born and grow up. While I am always seeking perception from the world outside, making this little book reminds me to look back the past and the place where I tried to escape from but now I am back. Actually, there are so many stories in this old building and busy city. What I drew and wrote might be just a little piece of them, but I hope that people who got this short message would face this city again like me. 

The book cover is the reproduction of the blue plastic cloth (with many little holes) covering architectures in process of constructing. This is the scene out of my room window, a growing up building gradually occupying the view, and tells me the non-stop change of the city.

・size:65x110 mm
・limited edition:100 / handmade bookbinding

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